The history of Sag Harbor Cup

The Sag Harbor Cup, an offshore yacht regatta, was first sailed in June, 1983, in conjunction with "Race Against Drug Abuse, Inc.", a nonprofit organization.  The original and continuing purpose is to provide, through active community participation, sailing as an alternative to drug and substance abuse by the young people of our area.

In 1983 and 1984, the Sag Harbor Yacht Club sponsored the event with the East Hampton Yacht Club, taking over for the next few years. 

In 1988, a group of Wednesday Night Sailors were asked to sponsor the Cup. They needed to be a yacht club in order to do this and the Breakwater Yacht Club was formed!   They insisted that all funds raised stayed on the East End. 

In 1988 Sag Harbor Cup produced a net profit of $5,000 that was turned over to Pierson High Schools HUGGS Program.  

In 1989, Breakwater YC filed for and became a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and the net profit of $6,000 was used to develop the community Youth Sailing Program of the Breakwater Yacht Club.  

Since the those early days of the Sag Harbor Cup the funds raised have helped fund BYC jr. sailing programs with thousands of junior sailing scholarships handed out to local schools and organizations.

The Present and Future of the SAG HARBOR CUP

As we look to the running of the 37th Sag Harbor Cup, a Benefit Regatta, Sailing For Youth, we envision starting a new tradition.   With the June 15th 2019 date, we see the Sag Harbor Cup being one the first major regatta of the sailing season.  

We see the future of Sag Harbor Cup as being a Must Attend Regatta, with over 100 yachts taking part, and we see Breakwater Yacht Club hosting one of the best parties of the season at their beautiful Club House.

And finally see the Sag Harbor Cup as fulfilling it’s original purpose and raising funds to promote sailing as an alternative to drug and substance abuse by the young people of our area.


The history of Breakwater Yacht Club

Sag Harbor, Famous as one of the busiest whaling centers on the 19th-century, has started another noble maritime tradition.  The Sag Harbor Cup, a benefit regatta now on it's 37th year, raises funds to operate a summer-long youth ailing program open to any East End Kid over nine years old.  The nobility stems from the fact that approximately 40 percent of the participants sail for free.

Founded in 1987 with the simple goal of bringing regularly scheduled sailboat racing to Sag Harbor, the Breakwater Yacht Club has since grown to become a vital presence on the East End. It’s open membership policy and non-profit mission of teaching sailing to the wider community has established BYC as a comfortable and welcoming alternative to private yacht clubs in the area.

From those early days, the club has grown both literally and physically. A vacant bit of waterfront land which once housed a simple tent for members is now the site of the picturesque BYC clubhouse — the club’s headquarters and a hub for member activities and events.

Over the years, children who first learned to sail in the Breakwater Yacht Club’s Youth Sailing Program have grown up, become parents themselves and are now sharing their love of sailing with the next generation. BYC, too, has extended its mission of community support by sponsoring sailing programs to reach adults just learning to sail, high school students, at risk youth and cancer patients.

At Breakwater Yacht Club, sailing is who we are, whether we are cruisers, racers or people who just want to connect with others in our community and build relationships.

Come join us… we’d loved to have you.